Whitestone Cheese Commercial Design

Whitestone Cheese Commercial Design


In their 30th year as part of their factory expansion Whitestone Cheese determined a new site for their headquarters that would allow for the current office space to be converted into a tourism facility. 

Working with them on space planning we came up with an open plan layout that would be flexible enough for day to day operations, social events and Board meetings. 

Our design aesthetic was focused on an industrial farmhouse bringing forward elements of the environment into the design. We designed a bespoke stainless reception counter made from an original brine tub. We also worked with a local sign writer to incorporate the W logo into cut out panels at the entrance. Utilising gold stainless cheese hoops we designed 9  lightshades for the main area. 

Inspired by original leather top writing desks, we designed a bank of staff desks that incorporated a leather look finish on the top. 

A separate Board room included a purpose built fridge that was cut into the factory to house cheese and beverages.