Business Hive Small Business Makeover

Business Hive Small Business Makeover

It was a meeting of minds working with The Business Hive, a great partnership developing an interior that would turn a dilapidated building into a professional and coordinated space.

The finished palette shows the power of paint and how it can transform an interior. Our concept was based around the context of the Hive, utilising black, grey and yellow as the key colours to create the buzz. Bespoke tables were designed with local manufacturers using steel and ply with moveable wheels.

The result of the development is a multi-purpose space with heart.

"Annabel and Meghan were incredibly easy to work with, with outstanding results. They exceeded expectations again and again, with their availability, creative solutions, style and openness to problem solving. They opened their contacts, regularly recommending great people who delivered superbly on other parts of the job. Professional, great listeners and all at a very reasonable price. I could not rate them more highly and am happy to show anyone around my commercial space to let you see for yourself, the awesome job they delivered so exceptionally well."
Cara Tipping-Smith, The Business Hive